Friday, December 18, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

I take to writing poetry
When Christmastime is near
Lest perchance 
my words should be
More cumbersome to hear.

So this is how I choose to write
To tell you of events,
Of days of sadness and delight,
And of accomplishments.

In January’s 
birthday bash
Our David turned to five,
And Sarah, seven, 
so I asked,
Could these be more alive?

And Millie was 
a half year old
By February’s snow
A month before 
her sister Bevy’s
Happy birthday two.

Our March son found 
a different niche—
A better job for Joe,
And Burnie also 
made a switch
That’s two sons’ new mojo.

And April 
doth our hearts enthrall
Because of Easter Day
For Christ is ris’n 
and gives us all
New life to sing and say Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

We gathered in the month of May
At last the hour was here
For Peter’s ordination day
That filled our hearts with cheer.

And June was also glorified
For Peter, you’ll agree,
When Allison became his bride
And joined our fam’ly tree.

And in July we traveled up
To north Wisconsin’s wood
While fishing, swimming filled our cup
With memories of good.

In August, Grandma passed away;
We sorrowed and we wept,
But know that there shall come a day
Christ’s promise will be kept.

September brought 
a baby girl

T’Alissa and to John:
Our Hazel is a little pearl,
A joy to dote upon.

Expectant mother Allison
Then lost her little child:
October’s days did sadly run,
And we were there meanwhile.

We still gave thanks, November, though,
As Christian people do,
For in all things we always know
That God is good, ’tis true.

December brings to E I U
The end for Michael, grad,
So next, the days of hoping that                                                                        
He’ll find work to be had.

So now’s the time 
for Christmas lights   
To brighten all our days
And bring an end to all our nights
And yours as well, we pray.

God rest you merry, this Christmas 2015 and always. + Burnell (Fritz) and Carol Eckardt

Pictures, in order:
1 Holy Family; 2 Sarah, David (children of Andy and Kristy); 3 Bevy, Amanda, Burnie, Millie; 4 Michael (youngest), Peter (3rd), Burnie (oldest), Johnny (4th), Joey (5th), Andy (2nd); 5 Kristy (Andy), Allison (Peter), Carol (Fritz), Alissa (Johnny), Amanda (Burnie); 6 Fritz, Peter, Carol; 7 Peter, Allison; 8 Nancy B Eckardt (1921-2015);  9 Johnny, Alissa, Hazel 10 Wise men and star