Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

There once was a fam’ly in colors,
For each couple a color that matched,
So together they stood
And the picture was good.
Not one from the other detached.

The dad’s getting weary of poems,
And so, we are told, are his friends;
So he’s making it short
So that none will retort
That the poems don’t seem to have ends.

So here is your greeting for this year:
Let your hearts be aglow with the news
Of the Christ and his birth,
And of gladness and mirth
And the mercy and life that ensues.

You see? that was short, unencumbered,
And simple, and right to the point.
If you want to know more,
Go to church (it’s next door)
And holler us out, at our joint!

Blue – Burnie and Amanda (and baby on the way!)
Red – Andy and Kristy, Sarah and David
Tan – Peter
Maroon – John and Alissa
Also maroon – Joey (with the beard)
Grey – Michael
Green – mom and dad

God rest ye merry,
this Christmas 2012 and always –
the Eckardt family
Brown –  Reggie