Sunday, December 15, 2013

Greetings for Christmas 2013

There once was a limerick writer
Who married a girl to delight her
      And she bore him six sons
      Who grew up all at once
With a story to tell, a good-nighter.

Soon Burnell drives to school in his Chevy
While Amanda is with baby Bevy
      He’ll be training to lead
      At a Wal-Mart in need;
Where he’s hired as a de-partment heavy.
And in Oregon Ill there are four:
Andy, Kristy, and two children more:
Sarah’s six-fest will find
David two years behind,
Spreading laughter and giggles galore.

Then there’s Peter who’s at semin-ary.
Like his father before him? Yes, very.
      At the very same place
      Learning of the same grace
Of the Lord Jesus Christ born of Mary.

Then there’s John, with Alissa, at Whiteman—
In Missouri, he works for Stealth Fightmen—
      Oops, I gave it away!
      It’s a secret, ok?;
Well, not really, but really all right, man.

Worker Joe is now into construction
Making diagrams for the production
            Of farm buildings, we’re told
            And although it’s not gold,
It’s a pretty good bang for the buck, son.

On the jazz trumpet Michael plays well,
And at Eastern they do think he’s swell,
            In his junior year now,
            He expects to learn how
All the talent he offers will sell.

And they all will be coming for Christmas,
Turning this empty house to an isthmus,
            Where the kids run and play
            On our festival day
As the fam’ly rejoices in blissness.

For you’ve all heard the angelic chorus,
Praising Christ who was humbly born for us,
            To redeem us from sin
            And make room in the inn
(In the church, and in heaven, all glorious).

Oh rejoice with this limerick writer!
For what binds us together the tighter
            Is that we can rejoice
            Upon hearing the voice:
Christ is born! For no light could be brighter!

God rest ye merry, this Christmas 2013 and always 
– the Eckardt family